Activity Areas

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio provides its professional assistance in the field of International Commercial and Community Law. In the out-of-court area, the Firm assists its clients in the negotiation, drafting and stipulating commercial and credit agreements, as well as M&A agreements or the establishment and management of companies.

The Firm has also gained experience in international disputes, both before the Ordinary Judiciary and Arbitration Tribunals. More specifically, the Professionals of the Firm have gained experience in arbitration before the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and the ICC International Court of Arbitration. Finally, thanks to its network, the Firm is able to assist its clients in outstanding debts recovery in foreign countries.

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio is specialised and has accrued extensive capabilities and experiences in Banking and Financial Market Litigation, including disputes on elaborated financial instruments, as well as issue and placement.

The Firm provides assistance also in the negotiation of any kind of financial transaction, including loan agreements and debt restructuring operations.

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio has accrued extensive capabilities and experiences in various sectors of Corporate Litigation, such as actions against directors or auditors, disputes among shareholders, shareholders’ meetings or board of directors resolutions, M&A, or relevant to dissolution and companies’ winding-up.

The Firm provides assistance in the incorporation and in the management of companies, also through participation in shareholders’ meetings and board of directors, as well as in corporate transactions, business reorganisation or companies restructuring, negotiation of mergers and acquisitions contracts, shareholders’ agreements.

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio provides legal assistance in Commercial and Contract Law in favour of prominent industrial groups, banks, investment funds, facility management companies, private, public and listed companies, owned wholly or in part by public administrations, also in connection with the participation in tenders, and in the negotiation, drafting, execution and performance of contracts and agreement in various sectors, including banking and finance, real estate, food industry, oil&gas, information technology, mechanical, shipbuilding and marine industry, pharmaceutical, sport and fashion business.

The Firm also provides assistance in judicial liquidation and management of corporate insolvency.

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio has a long lasting cooperation with Prof. Avv. Felice Laudadio, founder of one of the most important Italian law firm in the field of Administrative Law: the legal Firm Laudadio - Scotto. This Firm assists Italian and foreign companies, as well as private and public administrations, offering broad expertise in connection with the relationships with the public administration, both in the negotiation and in the litigation in front of all Courts.

Prof. Avv. Felice Laudadio, emeritus professor of administrative law and urban planning law, has also significant experience in Local Authority Law, Real Estate, Urban Planning and Construction Law, as well as in the Privatisation Procedures of Public Companies.

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio provides assistance in any legal disputes in the fields of Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Antitrust, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law.

The Firm is also active in the sector of national and international arbitration, also before the ICC International Court of Arbitration. The lawyers of the Firm may either assist their clients as defendant or accept the role of arbitrator.

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio provides legal counselling to hospitals, health service institutions, doctors and medical staff within trials regarding medical malpractice. In particular, the Firm provides nationwide legal assistance in civil litigation in favour of members of one of the most important Italian association of hospital doctors.

Thanks to the collaboration with Prof. Felice Laudadio, the Firm also offers assistance in the field of litigation concerning actions taken by public hospitals towards employed medical staff before the Court of Auditors, connected to medical malpractice liability (i.e. “Responsablità Erariale”).

Studio Scopsi Laudadio has acquired considerable expertise in inheritance law, donations and family pacts, both in and out of court.