If people find you can fiddle, fiddle you must for all your life.

I ended up with a broken fiddle, a broken laugh, a thousand memories, but not a single regret.

Freely adapted from Fiddler Jones
by Edgar Lee Masters (1868 - 1950)

The Firm

The Firm Scopsi Laudadio, with its main office in Milan in Viale Bianca Maria 37 and offices in Naples, La Spezia, Sarzana and Bergamo, is composed of lawyers who accrued experience in various legal fields and it provides qualified legal assistance, domestically and internationally, both in transactional and litigation proceedings.

The Firm manly operates in the field of Commercial and Contract Law also internationally, Information Technology Law, Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law, Real Estate Law. It provides assistance also in other significant fields such us Public and Administrative Law, Civil Law, Industrial Law, Medical Malpractice and Intellectual Property.

The Firm gives prominence to accuracy, promptness and efficiency of the assistance, paying particular attention to directness and immediacy in the relationships with the client, as well as protection of confidentiality.

The Firm has offices that are able to operate throughout Italy and since years maintains stable relationships of mutual collaboration with foreign law firms (Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Brazil). Thanks to this, the Firm permanently assists Italian clients operating on foreign markets and foreign clients active on the Italian market.

Carlo Bacci

Without realising it, I have been living with Carlo for years. Gradually, this coexistence expanded and many other affections formed. It was then difficult to get past his moods and his arrogance. In words, shapes and colours. Hence my provocation, my crazy decision: ... his creations may not be to your liking, but Carlo will stay with me ... Fear of emptiness prevailed. Affection prevailed. We are and we will remain with Carlo. And I'm glad to know that, besides me, there are others who use stand by him. I can continue admiring him through his works and rejoice in my affections. It is my difficult daily endeavours, which force me to continually restart and rethink. Unknowingly and luckily for me, it is so every day. It is no coincidence that we were born in front of the same sea, under the same castle. Because the gift of revealing and understanding reality through the eyes of another has no value.


The relationship that binds Nicola and me stems from his interest in my art, demonstrated over time and gradually extended to Sabino, collecting paintings and sculptures for their Firm. Two close characters, Nicola and I, who leave no space for misunderstandings, arriving at squabbles with grumblings, typical of those born in the Gulf of Poets. Nicola says of me that I "bring luck" and that is why our aperitifs in my art laboratory follow a very specific procedure:

he brings an important bottle to share;

I prepare the food;

we talk to each other for an hour or two;

then, ten minutes before leaving,

he shows me what he will keep for himself and what he will give to his friends.

Thanks Nicola