Avv. Cristina Ferrari

Sede La Spezia/Sarzana

tel +39 0187 51 40 10



Laurea Università degli Studi di Milano

Abilitazione conseguita presso Corte di Appello di Milano nel 2001

Ordine degli Avvocati della Spezia dal 2001

Lingue straniere: Inglese e Francese

Esercita principalmente nelle sedi di La Spezia e Sarzana

Diritto civile

Diritto bancario

Diritto del lavoro


Mark Sharp approaches family law with compassion, respect for his clients, and a razor-sharp legal mind. He has spent his entire law career in family law, honing his considerable skills by protecting the interests of clients and their families - both in and out of the courtroom - for over 13 years. Mark represents clients in all areas of family law, with particular skill for third party custody cases and divorces involving high asset property issues.

He will listen to their goals, help them understand the implications.

Whether the situation calls for collaboration or taking the case to court, Mark works with clients on the unique facts and issues in their case to create the most effective strategy for success.

While known for her intellect and professionalism among her colleagues

Mark's clients repeatedly commend her ability to be a formidable attorney

Also being supportive and positive